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Welcome to Free Telecom

The Global Network

Free Telecom Ltd is a state of the art Mobile Virtual Network Operator that provides a wide range of services to its customers.

We use Antennas from both Pelephone, Partner and Hot Mobile to ensure Nationwide Coverage.

Our services include a full range of International Phone numbers, including real Mobile numbers.  International calls with native Caller ID, International SMS support with native Message ID and US short-code support. ​With our services, you can maintain a Global Presence for your company and stay connected with your friends and family wherever they are in the world. Our network also provides superior security features to ensure that your conversations are kept safe and private. With Free Telecom Ltd, you can stay connected with ease.

  • We use antennas from multiple Carriers to provide Nationwide network coverage.

  • International DIDs for Business use or for Friends & Family abroad.

  • International call packages to enable you to keep in touch with interests abroad.

  • Native Caller ID to give you a truly Global Presence wherever you are located.

  • Real US/UK Mobile numbers to receive OTPs from Banks and other Websites.

  • US Shortcode support to enable you to interact via SMS with your Bank etc.

  • We provide eSIMs for a seamless connectivity experience.

  • Worldwide roaming agreements to provide Global Network coverage.


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